Sunnybank Signs will digitally print your banners to any length with eyelets and ropes for easy hanging.


If you are using the banner outside, I recommend that you laminate the banner to lengthen its life from the harsh effects of the weather.


Pull up banners are currently on-trend for advertising at conferences or in stalls. They fold down into their own carry case for easy storage and handling.


Banner skins are a cheaper and short term alternative to metal fascia signs. The skin is printed with your sign and installed on the shop front by an aluminium strip.


The skin does not last as long in the elements as a metal sign so it is recommended for short term advertising of up to 3 years.

This Pull up banner is 2m high x 850mm wide and digitally printed. The image is held up by a aluminium pole that fits into the back of the cassette at the bottom & sits on a bracket on the top which the image fits into. The whole image then rolls down into the cassette and the pole folds up & it all fits into a padded carry case.